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Prepping for 24sp - Matt <-> Porter handoff

Matthew Wang requested to merge prep-24sp into main

Executive summary of changes:

  • undo any changes related to 24wi special calendar of only 9 homeworks
  • update calendar & dates (including dummy_days shenanigans), update first day of class in syllabus
  • rudimentary 24wi->24sp and 23au->24wi find-and-replace
  • replace all homework submission header files to have "Spring 2024"
  • undo "end of quarter" disclaimer (prev commit)
  • deploy changes to test subdir

Things left to do (between Porter and me)

  • "reset content" (when ready - leaving them up for you to peruse)
    • change lectures.yml to have null pre-class, in-class, and resources
    • hide answers to discussion questions
    • comment out urls for homeworks (in projects.yml) to remove them from calendar
    • if keeping search: comment out body of each homework spec file
    • reset commands.yml to only have Week 0 content
  • update Porter's bio & office hours
  • update TA bios (can be descriptionless for now)
  • review syllabus (e.g. you can change the generative AI policy if you'd like)
  • change site variables (e.g. EdStem, Gradescope, Canvas, ...)
  • adjust references to ItemPool?
  • finally, change the variables in 14d5597c to deploy to 24sp subdir instead of test
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