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    Niel Lebeck authored
    Jan 2017 cleanup
    This merge request adds documentation to the main `README.md`, removes the Google Test download commands from `platform/CMakeLists.txt`, deletes a bunch of unnecessary files from `apps` subdirectories (totalling at least 65MB), and cleans up a few other miscellaneous areas.
    If you have a chance, take a look at the changes I made to the `README.md` and `platform/CMakeLists.txt` files, since those are the most public-facing/important files.
    * Currently we have the line to compile the Python bindings in `platform/CMakeLists.txt` commented out. Right now, I've left it commented out and instructed users to uncomment it if they want to compile the Python bindings. Should we instead have the Python bindings compile by default?
    * I removed the `game.cc` file from `apps/simplegame`, since it appeared to be obsolete: the working version of the game is in `apps/simplegame/cpp`, and the source file used in the paper is in the paper repo. Let me know if that source file was actually important.
    See merge request !1
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