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import vertica_python as vp
args = {
'host': '',
'port': 5433,
'user': 'dbadmin',
'password': '',
'database': 'docker',
# 10 minutes timeout on queries
'read_timeout': 600,
# default throw error on invalid UTF-8 results
'unicode_error': 'strict',
# SSL is disabled by default
'ssl': False,
# connection timeout is not enabled by default
'connection_timeout': 5
conn = vp.connect(**args)
cur = conn.cursor()
CREATE TABLE lobsters.tags ( id integer NOT NULL, tag varchar(64));
CREATE TABLE lobsters.taggings (id integer NOT NULL, story_id integer NOT NULL, tag_id integer NOT NULL);
CREATE TABLE lobsters.hiddens (id integer NOT NULL, user_id integer NOT NULL, story_id integer NOT NULL);
CREATE TABLE lobsters.stories (
id integer NOT NULL,
created_at TIMESTAMP,
description varchar(4095),
hotness float,
markeddown_description varchar(4095),
short_id varchar(255),
title varchar(1023),
upvotes integer,
downvotes integer,
url varchar(255),
user_id integer);
with open("taggings.csv", "rb") as f:
cur.copy("COPY lobsters.taggings from stdin DELIMITER ','", f)
with open("hidden.csv", "rb") as f:
cur.copy("COPY lobsters.hiddens from stdin DELIMITER ','", f)
with open("stories.csv", "rb") as f:
cur.copy("COPY lobsters.stories from stdin DELIMITER ','", f)
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