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# canvas-groups
Credit goes to Justin Hsia for developing the script and writing most of this documentation. If you're using this script outside of the University of Washington, you'll probably need to make further modifications.
## Canvas Setup for Instructor
1. Go to your Canvas page Settings, and make sure that "People" is not hidden in the "Navigation" tab.
1. Go to the "People" page.
1. Use the blue "+ Group Set" button to create one.
1. In the "Create Group Set" dialog box, choose your group set name (I called it "Lecture Groups"), make sure that "Allow self sign-up" is checked, and set your group limit, if desired. This is the only opportunity to use the "Create [ ] groups now" option, so do that if you need to create lots of groups, otherwise you have to do this one-by-one.
1. Go to the new tab for the group set that you just created and copy the URL to distribute to students.
## Notices for Students to Sign Up for Groups
### My note on Piazza
Because there is no sense of "neighbors" in a Zoom lecture, I will instead let you form your own groups of no more than 3 to work on problems together in lecture. You will need to assign yourselves on Canvas to the same group so that I know who to group together during work time. Feel free to use Piazza to look for group members, but don't flake if you're committing to participate in a group! You can freely change groups throughout the quarter.
### Slide from Lecture 1
- I will try to have small group work every lecture, which will be done via Breakout Rooms
- Self-select into small groups on Canvas
- If you are not part of a group on Canvas, then I will randomly assign you to one each lecture
- Please only join a group if you plan on attending lectures live
- You can freely change groups throughout the quarter
## Getting Groups Into Zoom
Run the `` script, which must be co-located with the `` script, and pipe the output to a CSV filename of your choice. The script requires a `TOKEN` and `COURSE_ID` as environment variables, which you can specify inline.
Note that the output will include a dummy student <> to all of your empty groups just so Zoom will still create breakout rooms with those group names. Once the CSV has been created, it can be [directly imported into your Zoom meeting](
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