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Adding a readme file

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# This is the Makefile helping you submit the labs.
# Just create 6.824/api.key with your API key in it,
# and submit your lab with the following command:
# $ make [lab1|lab2a|lab2b|lab3a|lab3b|lab4a|lab4b]
KEY=$(shell cat api.key)
LABS=" lab1 lab2a lab2b lab3a lab3b lab4a lab4b "
@if echo $(LABS) | grep -q " $@ " ; then \
tar cvzf $@-handin.tar.gz Makefile .git src; \
if test -z $(KEY) ; then \
echo "Missing $(PWD)/api.key. Please create the file with your key in it or submit the $@-handin.tar.gz via the web interface."; \
else \
echo "Are you sure you want to submit $@? Enter 'yes' to continue:"; \
read line; \
if test $$line != "yes" ; then echo "Giving up submission"; exit; fi; \
if test `du -b "$@-handin.tar.gz" | cut -f 1` -ge 20971520 ; then echo "File exceeds 20MB."; exit; fi; \
curl -F file=@$@-handin.tar.gz -F key=$(KEY); \
fi; \
else \
echo "Bad target $@. Usage: make [$(LABS)]"; \
# 452 Labs
This repo contains the 452 labs. Please fork this repo for your own solutions.
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