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    Update Project 4: Planning. · ceaf63a2
    Brian Hou authored
    Vectorize Dubins path computation. This is orders of magnitudes faster than the
    previous implementation, so graph caching is now less necessary. As a result,
    only graphs for ROS maps are cached; the other test maps are too small to merit
    the hassle.
    Fix a serious issue with PlanarProblems. Distances were previously measured in
    pixels rather than meters. As a result, the connection radius and curvature
    parameters didn't have a clear physical interpretation, and would differ based
    on the resolution of the map (the conversion factor between meters and pixels).
    Add a more efficient edge visualization to RViz, which incrementally sends edges
    to be visualized.
    Fix minor bugs with zero edges and zero valid samples.
    Set a minimum controller speed to avoid issues with reference velocities of
    zero. This would occur at the end of a path.