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......@@ -188,3 +188,32 @@ Similar to the previous fuzzer except that it tracks an `int` that counts the
number of open-but-not-yet closed parentheses. In order to make this tracking
easier, this fuzzer does not generate comments (since parentheses inside
comments wouldn't count).
## Grammar fuzzer
Our previous fuzzer structurally eliminated balanced parentheses errors. Yay!
But the majority of the resulting programs had abstract syntax errors. Let's now
structurally eliminate those.
The strategy will be to think about generating *trees* (in particular, ASTs)
instead of sequences of tokens. At each step, the fuzzer will randomly decide
what kind of binding to produce, and then for that binding, will generate the
right number of arguments. Similarly, when generating expressions, it will first
select what kind of expression to generate, and then generate the right number
for arguments.
Let's take a look at the numbers
Unbound Variables:307831
Unbound Functions:195843
Other Runtime:443764
### The generating procedure
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