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### Workspaces vs Lessons
During development of this harness, we would set the DEBUG bit to 1 in ``. This would modify the behavior for the environment to source the submission files from `/home/Submission` rather than just `/home`.
### `/course` Directory
Ed provides a convenient read-only course-specific directory that is shared between all assignment and workspaces. As such we are able to use it to minimize network calls.
- `cache/gradle` - `/home/.gradle` cached after executing each of our assignments to generate a local copy of dependencies.
- `data` - Contains executables such as `aapt2 7.0.2` and `gradle 5.6.4`.
## Executables
There three harness executables. The first one is `` which is executed during check. It is intended to verify comparability of submitted code and provides students their comparison screenshots. The second one is `` which compiles and grades the code according to unit and integration test results. Finally a `` is provided so graders may run submissions on the spot without executing tests. All executables execute in the environment specified above.
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