Commit 75601ffc authored by Winston Jodjana's avatar Winston Jodjana
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Update to include other examples

parent b95e4c9d
......@@ -20,6 +20,11 @@ public class uMessage {
private static final int N = 3;
private static final String CORPUS = "corpus/eggs.txt";
// Use .binarySearchTreeConstructor(); if you want to test things since it is an implementation we provide and is guaranteed to work
// Other examples:
// .trieConstructor(NGram.class);
// .trieConstructor(AlphabeticString.class);
// .hashtableConstructor(NGramTester.avlTreeConstructor());
// .hashtableConstructor(NGramTester.binarySearchTreeConstructor());
private static final Supplier<Dictionary<NGram, Dictionary<AlphabeticString, Integer>>> NEW_OUTER = NGramTester
private static final Supplier<Dictionary<AlphabeticString, Integer>> NEW_INNER = NGramTester
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