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## Zip ##
For this part of the write-up:
- You'll need a working SuffixTrie to run the ZIP experiments for this writeup. Implementing SuffixTrie yourself is part of the Above & Beyond section and not required for full credit. To use our provided SuffixTrie.jar (if you don't want to implement it yourself), right click on in the Eclipse sidebar, choose Refactor > Rename, and name it something else (like **with "update references" unchecked**. <br>
- Put your test files in the root directory of the project (that is, **at the same level as src**, not in the src folder).
### Running Zip ###
One of the classes in the main package is called Zip. This class uses your PriorityQueue to do Huffman coding, your FIFOQueue as a buffer, your stack to calculate the keyset of a trie (using recursive backtracking), and your SuffixTrie to do LZ77Compression. Find some text file (a free book from or even the HTML of some website) and use to zip it into a zip file. Then, use a standard zip utility on your machine (Finder on OS X, zip on Linux, WinZip or the like on Windows) to UNZIP your file. Check that you got back the original. Congratulations! Your program correctly implements the same compression algorithm you have been using for years! Discuss in a sentence or two how good the compression was and why you think it was good or bad. <pre>
**TODO**: Answer this question
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