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......@@ -11,3 +11,7 @@ __pycache__/
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<package format="2">
<description>Lab 2 controller assignment</description>
<!-- One maintainer tag required, multiple allowed, one person per tag -->
<!-- Example: -->
<!-- <maintainer email="">Jane Doe</maintainer> -->
<maintainer email="">Johan Michalove</maintainer>
<maintainer email="">Matthew Rockett</maintainer>
<maintainer email="">Liyiming Ke</maintainer>
<!-- One license tag required, multiple allowed, one license per tag -->
......@@ -26,6 +25,9 @@
<!-- Authors do not have to be maintainers, but could be -->
<!-- Example: -->
<!-- <author email="">Jane Doe</author> -->
<author email="">Johan Michalove</author>
<author email="">Matthew Rockett</author>
<author email="">Liyiming Ke</author>
<!-- The *depend tags are used to specify dependencies -->
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