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added general README and turn-in script

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The assignment instructions and starter code (if needed) are posted here.
Please place your solutions in the submission directory then run:
$ ./ hw1
test -z "$1" && echo "Usage example: $0 hw1" && exit 1
#check no uncommitted changes.
(git status | grep -q modified:) && echo 'Error. There are uncommitted changes in your working directory. You can do "git status" to see them.
Please commit or stash uncommitted changes before submitting' && exit 1
COMMIT=$(git log | head -n 1 | cut -b 1-14)
if (git tag $1 2>/dev/null)
echo "Created tag '$1' pointing to $COMMIT"
git tag -d $1 && git tag $1
echo "Re-creating tag '$1'... (now $COMMIT)"
echo "Now syncing with origin..."
git push origin --mirror #--atomic
echo "Please verify in gitlab that your tag '$1' matches what you expect. "
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